Jim Willie: These Two Events WILL SET GOLD FREE And They’re Only A Couple Of Months Away

Jim says that two major global events will happen in just a couple of months, and the events will set gold free. Here’s the details…

Editor’s Note: There is a problem with the audio and it does not start until the 6:43 mark, so I have started the video at the point here the audio is present.


Jim Willie Interviewed by “V” The Guerrilla Economist on Rogue Money

Jim Willie is back with a very important update on all the latest economic and geo-political news.

Some of the topics in this interview include:

  • Update on the globalists plan to buy up all the worlds assets on the cheap when the system comes down
  • Geo-politics including the trade wars, Donald Trump and the European Union
  • Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Pakistan and the Middle East
  • China and Russia’s role in challenging NATO with both a gold standard and the ability to defend it with Russian military hardware
  • The problems with the gold market and the two major events that Jim says will happen in just a couple months, which will set the gold market free

To find out all of that information, plus a whole lot more, tune into the interview in its entirety below: