Jim Willie: They Made It An Oil-For-Gold Contract For A Very Specific Reason

Dr. Willie tells Silver Doctors that the West has no idea of the murders, fraud and theft committed by the U.S. to prevent the roll-out. Here’s more…

Jim Willie of Golden Jackass joins Silver Doctors to discuss the latest happenings with the oil for gold-backed yuan contract.

Dr Willie says he admires the likes of Hugo Salinas Price and doesn’t quite know what to make of it when Hugo says to think about the fact that China is not going to be the one supplying all of that gold. It’s quite possible the gold will come from the West in general, and London in specific.

Jim Willie is not sure but he says there is much speculation about all of this and the details are only coming out bit by bit.

Willie also discusses cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin isn’t the big winner though.

He says asset-backed cryptocurrencies will be even more profitable than Bitcoin.

This is Part I of the interview. Tune in for a timely update and stay tuned for Part II when it comes out: