Jim Willie: Saudi Arabia Is Broke, Has No Friends, And Their Oil Reserves ARE LARGELY DEPLETED

Dr. Willie breaks down the recent Saudi Purge to show that all is not as it seems. Here’s why…Jim Willie of Golden Jackass joins Silver Doctors to discuss the Saudi Purge. “I think Saudi’s cooked,” he says.

Jim Willie ties together the geo-politics the Saudi purge in Part II of the interview. Click here for Part I.

It is much more dark than is being reported in the MSM.

Jim Willie says the Saudi’s are broke and have no friends. He says they have been funding their war with Yemen via drug smuggling, and the Saudi’s have been paying for their domestic operations with bond sales.

Here’s part two of this time sensitive update on on all the geo-political events around the world including how China and Russia factor into all of this.

Jim says the United States will not be able to stop the transition to the Chinese yuan (RMB).

Where is the Saudi Purge going? Tune in to find out more: