Jim Willie Returns To Tell Us How To Keep Your Gold Safe!

Jim Willie returns to Silver Doctors to tell us how to keep your precious metals safe (and a whole lot more)!

Jim Willie of Golden Jackass interviewed by Silver Doctors

In this brand new interview, Jim Willie addresses viewer questions:
– When you order silver / gold / etc in quantity … can’t “some” bad guys see you ordered it and target you ? What safe places to store it does he trust ?
– Kelly, Salt Lake City: Is it still your prediction that the USD will rise rise and rise some more than vanish?
– Daniel: What will happen to say, mortgages when this crash/hyperinflationary event takes hold. I understand fiat will lose its purchasing power, but won’t that make it easier to pay ones debts off given the limits on how much they can now raise rates?
– Rick: Can you talk more extensively on the state of retirement benefits and student loans. How fragile and how reliable? I’m worried
– S. Walker: Can the ECB ever stop QE…..they at 30 billion a month at present…..
– Jeffery: greenlight oil futures contracts priced in Yuan. The launch date this March [26th] 2018. For whom will this historic policy cause significant consequential fallout? Also, in what ways will China, as well as other nations, see brighter times ahead, both financially and politically as a result of the changes?
– Kelly from Salt Lake City: Can you explain in better details the shift away from the “petro Dollar” to the RMB and can you forecast better the division of which countries will split this divide I.e. western culture vs Eastern Culture breakdown by continent.
– S. Walker: Will Trump succeed in bringing back jobs to America?