Jim Willie Collapse Warning: BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!

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With Markets in Chaos in the Wake of the BREXIT Vote, Including Historic Moves in Currencies, Stocks, and Gold Prices, Jim Willie Joined Us For Exclusive Coverage, and Issued an URGENT WARNING On Interest Rate Derivatives:
BREXIT Could DETONATE Deutsche Bank!


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 Part 1 (Part 2 on Gold and Silver to Be Released Later This Weekend)

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Preview of Jim Willie’s Analysis the Morning After BREXIT:

  • Next Big Pillar to Fall Could Be Deutsche Bank! We Could See A Breakdown Event in DB In the NEXT WEEK!
  • Gold and Silver Are Moving into 2nd Gear – I Think We’re Going to Make A Rather Quick Move Towards $1,900!
  • I Think We Will See a 5 FOLD Gain In SilverRAPIDLY!
  • The March Towards Gold Currencies and Gold Trade Notes IS ON!
  • US/UK Debt Downgrades Coming Soon. Gold Is Just Getting Started!
  • If Gold Sticks Above $1300 the Next 24 Hours, We’re Going to Get A Short Squeeze 
  • BREXIT is a VOTE Against the System, Next Vote is GOLD AGAINST THE DOLLAR!
  • Run On COMEX Gold July Delivery: Something’s Different This Time!
  • China Suddenly Begins Accumulating Silver
  • Dollar Devaluation Might Be Simutaneous to the BAIL-IN EVENT
  • No More Money Printing – QE Will Be Pushed Out of the Picture, Next Comes $21 TRILLION PENSION FUND CONFISCATION!
  • This Will Wake Up the American Nitwits

Part 2 Now Available! Click Here for Part 2 on Gold & Silver- MUST LISTEN Full Audio Analysis & Coverage From The Doc With Golden Jackass Jim Willie

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