Jim Willie: China Will RESET The Gold Price As Oil-For-Yuan Launch IMMINENT

Jim says the U.S. is will be given a challenge to avoid WWIII, but as Jim points out, 70-80% of Congress are warmongering neocons…

Jim Willie interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Jim Willie is back to provide an update on the development of the petro-yuan. Jim says that he is looking for China to reset the gold price and at the same time give the finger to the Western bullion banking cartel.

Jim says the dual universe of the petro-yuan and the petro-dollar has arrived. Jim says the petro-yuan is the culmination of China’s desire to get out of the US dollar and as Saudi Arabia begins to sell China oil for yuam. Other Arab nations are going to follow because they will not want to miss out of the Chinese oil deals.

Listen to the entire interview below and stay informed with the latest update on the death of the petro-dollar: