Jim Sinclair: US, EU, Japan, & China Likely Discussing Coordinated Central Bank QE!

The legendary Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers tonight, stating he believes that the US, EU, Japan, and China are discussing coordinated Central Bank quantitative easing announcements.
Sinclair states that the economic problems are currently so severe and insoluble that only coordinated global easing will successfully kick the proverbial economic can down the road one final time.

Sinclair also repeats his call that gold is going to and through $3,500 an ounce, here and NOW!

From Jim Sinclair:

Monty Guild, a friend of mine for more than forty years, is the most honest and capable man, in my opinion, in money management.


I respect Monty’s feelings on many matters, certainly the macro picture. Monty, like I, believe it is possible that coordinated central bank actions in the USA, EU, Japan and China are being discussed. The economic problems are so severe, so international, so global, so entwined, so insoluble and still caused primarily by the greed of 1990 to present finance in the form of OTC derivatives that only coordinated global action can kick this can one more time.


Gold is truly going to and through $3500. The gold business is the best business to be in.



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