Jim Sinclair: The Printed Money & Wealth Around The World Doesn’t Exist So It MUST BE Wiped-Out

Jim says the stock, bond, and other paper wealth bubbles have been created with printed money that doesn’t exist. Here’s what comes next…

Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter and Dave discuss the MSM and Petroyuan on JS Mineset

Bill, Jim, and Dave discuss the recent trade wars and fear of morphing into hot war.China is set to trade oil for yuan beginning Monday, countries have been invaded and rulers deposed in the past who threatened to trade oil in currency other than dollars.The recent convulsions in markets leading up to the oil for yuan trade are only a precursor to the main show.The biggest generational shift in power and wealth in human history is upon us.

This discussion is being made public because of the importance of the topic.As many websites have recently been taken down by DDOS attacks, we want this on the record.