Jim Sinclair: QE To Have Major Economic Impact On Western Financial World

Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers this afternoon warning that contrary to the prevailing MSM opinion, QE∞ will have a major economic impact on the Western financial world.

Sinclair re-iterates that gold is going to and through $3,500 HERE AND NOW, and states that QE∞’s impact will have HISTORICAL repercussions.

From Jim Sinclair:

For years we took major criticism for saying that QE to infinity was guaranteed. Recently we took major criticism for even saying QE itself was possible. Now we take criticism for saying QE to infinity is going to have a major impact economically in the entire Western financial world.


All the talking heads and writers are on a tear saying QE will do nothing, emphasizing deflationary scenarios both from within the community to financial TV. Those that take that position are raving morons.


The markets today are full of normal manipulation based on the MSM disinformation that QE to infinity is a hollow tool. It is dynamite and will have an impact of historical dimensions, but not necessarily the ones the morons expect.


Keep your gold investments. Gold is going to $3500 and beyond, about which there is no question. Stand tall. Don’t trade, and shut off the gold naysayers sensationalists we have battled from $248 to today.


This is nothing different from the disinformation of early 1979. The Philadelphia Fed president is an example of MSM disinformation.



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