Jim Sinclair Exclusive Interview – The Game Changer

jim sinclairLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair discusses “The Game Changer”, how the next banking crisis will be met via bail-in across the West, and explains the method used to achieve his jaw-breaking $50,000 gold prediction in this MUST WATCH interview with Ask the Expert.


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By Eric Dubin, The News Doctors:

Nathan McDonald at Sprott Money Blog shared with us an outstanding interview with Jim Sinclair.  The interview is part of their newly developed “Ask the Expert” series — and it looks like an outstanding project well worth keeping an eye on.  Nathan pools questions from Sprott Money Blog visitors, making for dynamic and very informative interviews.

Some of the questions put to Mr. Sinclair include:

  • Do you foresee the government ever resolving the issue of the US debt? Do you believe the deadline for the next debt ceiling limit raise will be met with similar problems to that which we’ve recently seen?
  • Can you envision a day when a Cyprus style event occurs in Canada or the United States? Is this one of the reasons why you often warn people they have to get out of the system?
  • Do you believe that it’s a plan of the Western governments around the world to trash the fiat currencies because to a sane person that seems to be all the actions they’re taking. That seems to be what they’re doing. Or do you believe they’re just oblivious to what they’re doing?
  • I know you recommend precious metals, but for currencies, what would you recommend? Is there any currency better than another or are they all garbage?
  • Do you believe that hyperinflation is what’s needed to wake people up?
  • Where do you believe is a safe place to keep money? We know gold and silver, but are there any other methods that people can take to protect themselves?
  • What do you see them doing (Western central banks) when the system falls apart? Do you think the East is going to take power or do you think the West has a plan in action?
  • In our last interview, Jim, you make the prediction that gold could go to $50,000 per ounce which is a huge number to a lot of our listeners. I understand where you’re coming from. Obviously if hyperinflation occurs, this is a real possibility. I know there would be some serious social problems that could accompany a gold price this high. What’s your timeline for this target?

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— Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, TheNewsDoctors.com


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