Jim Rogers on Russia and Big Picture; Eric Coffin on Precious Metals & Miners

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Jay Taylor’s Turning Hard Times Into Good Times

World renowned investor, traveler and author Jim Rogers returns to discuss the current Anglo-American Empire’s conflict with Russia.
Having traveled in that country numerous times over the past few decades, Russia had until recently been one of his least favored countries but his view is now turning more positive, & Rogers explains why.
As fierce advocate of limited government and free market economics Rogers offers a blistering critique of current policies of the West that are sewing the seeds of its own destruction.
He tells why he is happy he sold his mansion in Manhattan and moved to Singapore where he and his wife are raising their two daughters.   Rogers also will tell us where he is putting his money as we head into 2015.
Eric Coffin, one of the most astute junior exploration newsletter writers talks about prospects for making money in that beleaguered sector and names his top penny stock pick for 2015.
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