Jim Rickards: The Fed Is Desperate For Inflation And That’s Very Bullish For Gold

Jim says the gold market is getting the signal that the Fed is throwing in the towel. Here’s what it means for Fed policy, gold, inflation, and more…

Jim Rickards interviewed by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

Four time best-selling author Jim Rickards says “The time to buy gold is when sentiment is low and people hate it. . . . So, the bull market is intact.” We are in the fourth year. Bull markets start off slow because of all the bad sentiment, but then they gather momentum. So, it’s still not too late to jump on this train, and my expectation is this will pick up. . . . The signal the gold market is getting right now is the Fed is throwing in the towel. . . . They made some headway, but it came at a high cost because they slowed the economy . . . and they can’t continue. . . . Now, they are going to be desperate for inflation, and that is very bullish for gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author James Rickards as he prepares for the release of his next book called “Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealthy Preservation in the Coming Chaos.”

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