Jim Rickards: THE BOTTOM For Gold Was December, 2015 At $1050

Jim affirms we are indeed in a gold bull market. He says now is the perfect time to buy gold and ride the wave until it gets crazy again. Here’s more…

Jim Rickards interviewed on The Gold Chronicles

Topics Include:

*History of gold – Nixon tariffs, and closing the gold window
*Investment case for gold
*Why US debt to GDP ratio and increasing debt load creates a systemic problem with specific outcomes, all of which indicate an allocation to gold may be prudent
*How low gold sentiment in western markets may indicate a key buying opportunity
*Physics properties of gold, and why gold is a truly non-correlated means of storing wealth that is indestructible
*Why Physical Gold Fund uses Switzerland as a core component of the logistics and safety chain for the fund’s gold
*Physical Gold Fund vaulting protocols and governance
*Refinery Operations
*Gold market historical performance, current technical indicators and outlook