Jim Rickards: $10,000 Gold Price Call Is Conservative Because It Could Easily Be $40,000

Jim says there’s nothing special about the math. All it takes is a panic, a reset, or a combination of both to get to his $10,000 rather quickly. Here’s why…

Jim Rickards on the show Ask The Expert

In this latest Ask The Expert, Jim puts his $.02 on a number of questions including:

  1. President Trump will soon be appointing a new chairperson for the Fed. Who will that person be?
  2. If you were chosen as next Fed Chair, what would be your inflation target and what other policies would you pursue?
  3. What is the current global ratio of paper to physical gold and what do you make of China’s inroads in New York and London?
  4. You’ve often stated that gold is headed to $10,000 per ounce. Would that be an overnight price reset or determined by market action?
  5. Would a $10,000 gold price destroy the bullion banks and bring about another financial crisis?

Those are just some of the questions on this month’s Ask The Expert:

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