Jeffrey Christian: Silver Demand is Weak, Enormous Surpluses to Cause Silver to Outperform Gold to the Downside

Our favorite PM bear Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group is back on BNN.
Christian told the BNN viewers he expects gold to trade in a range from $1450 to $1750 in 2013, and that silver will trade in a sustained downtrend, claiming that silver demand is weak both from an industrial and an investment standpoint
While silver is in fact up approximately 18% year to date, Christian chose to compare silver’s average price in 2012 with the average price of 2011, and claimed that the metal is down 15% year to date.

Christian capped off his outlook by claiming that he expects silver to outperform gold to the downside in 2013, due to enormous surpluses of the metal.



Christian’s full interview can be seen at BNN after the jump: