Precious Metals Have Shown Major Relative Strength

 If the dollar was to strengthen from here, however, that could be negative for gold…

Palisade Radio interviews JC Parets

JC has been bullish on precious metals for the past year although he anticipated a decline in the US dollar index which has not occured. Instead, the dollar has remained steady while gold and silver have shown impressive relative strength. If the dollar was to strengthen, that could be negative for gold.

Investors should keep an eye on the overall markets and look for sector weakness relative to the S&P 500. Smart money will often pull money out of the markets in anticipation of a slow down. That is a better approach than looking at lagging indicators for a recession.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – His CMT education and luck in 2008.
2:40 – Bullish on gold and silver since last year.
5:20 – Positioning for a recession.
7:00 – Recession indicators.
8:40 – Favorite indicators.
13:20 – Authors and books on T.A.
15:20 – Keep learning, question and try new things.