JB Slear on MOPE: Know the Source!

The cartel algos aren’t the only thing currently attacking gold and silver…



Submitted by JB Slear, FortWealth: 


It has been our increased awareness in seeing the changes of media and their attacks on everything Precious Metals,  that has made our determinations stronger.   We have proven over and over again,  and for years now,  that there is direct and intentional manipulations in Silver and Gold by the entire central banking system as well as the governments they support,  to bury the prices of precious metals to keep people from seeing the problems inherent within the fiat system we live in today.

The most recent “hit” piece was done on Sunday and is posted on the Seeking Alpha website in which professor James Emerson, CFA,  lays his out opinions titling his article “Playing Mine Games, Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Is About To Fold”.  Not even a question mark,  but a certainty in the title. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2718995-playing-mine-games-tanzanian-royalty-exploration-is-about-to-fold

With ever growing evidence that Silver and Gold mining companies have been doing horribly because of the market manipulations,  I have to ask why don’t these writers ever delve into the real issue that has affected everything within the mining sector and beyond?  Case in point with fines to prove it.


To write stories like this is completely irresponsible.  To ignore the facts that there is intentional manipulation in the pricing of Silver and Gold,  then to lay blame on the mining companies owner for not having a profitable period,  is flat out intentionally misleading.

If a farmer grows Corn,  he can take his product and sell it,  so he can do the same again the next year.  But if the banks or various other money entities short Corn forcing the prices far lower and way below production costs,  then the banks will eventually force the farmer out of growing his product and maybe out of business.    Maybe this professor,  with his limited viewpoint,  would write up another article on how bad the farmer is farming because he can’t make his business grow therefore must be a bad farmer, completely avoiding the price rigging.

To thoroughly ignore the underlying problem within the mining sector makes me certain this most recent article is nothing but another hit piece by another writer who has no idea what he’s talking about.   But he sure does stirs it up in his writings though.   But what type of expert is he?  You should read about his expertise in the fields of investments.


James Emerson, CFA


Hedge fund trader and analyst specializing in REIT, hotel, home building, real estate, financial, and consumer discretionary stocks. Preferred stock expert. Extensive experience investing using a variety of typical hedge fund strategies including long/short equity, merger arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage and distressed debt.

CFA Charterholder.

Adjunct professor of Finance and Accounting at SUNY, Empire State College.

This writer has no business scripting mining companies and has conveniently ignored the manipulation subject in his article.  That is,  the evidence that GATA,  Jim Sinclair,  myself,  and many others,  who have for over a decade brought to the surface the biggest fraud in history,  the suppression of Silver and Gold prices within the commodity sector.

The evidence is clear enough,  especially after fines of up $41 Billion may be paid out by several banks for manipulating currency prices as well as interest rates.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-10-20/forex-rigging-fines-could-hit-41-billion-globally-citi.html .  Folks,  both of these items (currency and interest rates) are directly tied to Silver and Gold because they (the precious metals) are real currency and to ignore that is to ignore the underlying evidence that is now proven without a doubt … In closing .. Know the source before believing what is written,  it will make you stronger in your convictions and you won’t be taken in by shoddy reports.