It’s Here: “Every Financial Indicator Says We Are In Free Fall”

hyperinflationFinancial collapse is HERE…

By Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Note: For years contrarian analysts, researchers and authors have been blaring the warning signal in an attempt to raise awareness of the impending financial, economic and monetary catastrophe. While central banks and governments around the world threw everything they have at the problem, their only accomplishment is that they were able to kick the can down the road a little bit further. We may now well be at the end of that road, and as Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show notes in his latest article, perhaps it’s time we stop looking at the problem as an event or set of events that will take place at some point in the future. According to Hodges, “what’s coming is here.”


Every Economic Indicator Says We Are In Economic Free Fall

Things are much worse that they appear. We are entering a time of unparalleled peril. Economic collapse is here and is underway in many parts of the economy.

“Europe is on the verge of collapse” –George Soros

The architect of the Arab Spring has made a stunning proclamation. In an exclusive interview with a German magazine, George Soros recently stated that the European Union will soon be no more. The EU is imploding before our very eyes. This proclamation comes on the heels of Germany’s answer to President Obama, Angela Merkel, correctly predicted that the EU would be crushed under the weight of Middle Eastern immigration. Merkel, at the same time, has declared de facto martial law in Germany.

Look who Soros, the architect of national destruction supports for President.

In Germany, people have been evicted from their apartments to make way for the rush of immigrants. In Germany, if people speak out against Muslim immigration on venues, like Facebook, they are subject to fines and arrest.

In contrast, in the United States, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch told journalists from the Independent Media that they would be subject to fines and arrest for discussing Muslim extremism one day after the San Bernardino massacre. As Steve Quayle says, we might have defeated Germany in World War II, but the reality is that the Nazi’s now run both countries, and they are running both countries into the ground.


This is the face of a domestic terrorist. She will jail all talk show hosts who speak out against Muslim extremism in the form of ISIS coming into the U.S and carry out acts of terror (eg San Bernardino), but she won’t prosecute those who make threats against Presidential Candidates who are not in line with her version of unscreened Muslim immigrants being let into the country. Isn’t it interesting that Merkel, Obama and Lynch are destroying their respective countries along the same lines? The United States is only a few months behind the Germans.


“The situation is worse than it was in 2007.”

-William White, Swiss economist

William White recently stated that the global financial system faces “an avalanche of bankruptcies” that will test social and political stability. Let’s put that very polite statement into plain English: “There is going to be massive civil unrest”. The projections are so bad, that national authorities are worried the local law enforcement will join in with the people.

Could this have anything to do with why it has been announced that NATO is heading up an international martial law force. This fact was reported by both Infowars and The Common Sense Show this past weekend.

“The collapse could come tomorrow, next week…I do not see it going much beyond March…”

-Economist Joseph Meyer

In a recent interview on The Common Sense Show, Joseph Meyer, from Straight Money Analysis, said he sees a “major readjustment” taking place before the Spring. Will this be America’s Spring.

The Baltic Dry Index

The BDI indicates that global shipping is running aground.

No matter when you write these words  “The Baltic Dry Index has hit another record low today….”, your statement will be outdated by midnight of the day that you print these words.

  • “In the last 13 sessions alone, the BDI has hit a new all-time low every day, for each of those 13 days.”
  • “Overnight, drybulk shipping rates, as measured by the Baltic Dry Index, hit a new all-time low, falling 5 pts to 358″.

This is particularly disturbing because the BDI is generally considered to the best economic indicator of global health. The last six months would indicate that the global economy is coming to a complete standstill. How long will food be shipped? How long will life-saving medicine be shipped? Nobody knows for sure, but very few economists are ignoring the inevitable.

Even the mainstream media is beginning to print these dire predictions.

The IMF Is On the Verge of Imposing New Austerity Rules

The ultimate "gold-digger", IMF Director, Christine Lagarde.

As first reported in Forbes Magazine, the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine LaGarde, dropped a nuclear bomb in its October Fiscal Monitor Report. The report paints a dire picture for high-debt nations that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue,” which is banker-speak code for “taxing its citizens into oblivion.” This is often a prelude to civil unrest and even civil war.

LaGarde went on to say that private assets will have to be used to monetize the staggering debts faced by the West. Does this mean that more MERS events, in which homes were allowed to be stolen by the Banks, are going to take place? Does this mean the end of all private property?And the very bankers which created this mess, what are they contributing?

The IMF is clearly advocating for a tax on your private savings to pay down government debts after assuming the private debts of the bankers. The IMF also wants to take 10% of your private savings in addition to the outrageous taxes that citizens in the West are paying.

Finally, there will never be a payoff of the debt. Forbes Magazine went on to say the following:

Such a repudiation of private property will not pay off Western governments’ debts or fund budgets going forward. It will merely “restore debt sustainability,” allowing free-spending sovereigns to keep tapping the bond markets until the next crisis comes along—for which stronger measures will be required, of course.”

Can you grasp the meaning of what is being said here? The globalists are telling you that we can never pay off the debt. All we can hope to do is to maintain a debt based economy that will not come crashing down on the next morning.

Five Questions

  1. Do you have two years of survival food available?
  2. Do you have seeds to replace the food?
  3. Do you have an adequate supply of water and water filters?
  4. Do you have firearms and do you know how to use and maintain them?
  5. Have you converted your soon-t0-be worthless cash to previous metals?

I am no longer writing about what’s coming, what’s coming is here.

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