Is There Really Any Gold in Fort Knox? Former US Mint Director Comes Clean

gold vaultAt the recent Whitman Expo in Baltimore, former US Mint Director Edmund C. Moy who ran the mint from 2006-2011 opened up on visiting Fort Knox during his tenure as Mint Director.
Is there really any gold left in Fort Knox?  Mr. Moy’s first thoughts on viewing the inside of Fort Knox:
These bars at Fort Knox look like dirty gold…One of the first things was, Is this real gold?
Former Mint Director Edmund Moy tells his story and reveals what he saw with his own eyes when he toured the mint in the MUST WATCH clip below:


On whether he saw any gold inside Fort Knox:

“I’ve been to Fort Knox, I’ve been INSIDE Fort Knox, and I’ve seen the gold. So I know that its actually there!…I can personally vouch that there is gold at Fort Knox, and I have personally seen it!”

On how much gold remains in Fort Knox:
“There’s alot of gold…I can’t tell you how much is in there or how they’re organized, but there’s alot of bricks in there!”

Moy indirectly supports the theory that most of the good delivery bars have already been leased or swapped and removed from Fort Knox and only dirty gold remains:
One of my first observations about the gold there, when you think about modern 400 oz  good delivery bars that are made in Switzerland, you think of shiny gold.  These bars at Fort Knox look like dirty goldOne of the first things was, Is this real gold?

However, what Mr. Moy fails to address is who and how many parties hold title to the likely hyper-rehypothecated pile of gold remaining inside Fort Knox vaults.

Edmund Moy’s full thoughts on touring Fort Knox:


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