BOMBSHELL: Not only is something very strange going on with the FBI and gold, but it looks like the MSM is covering it up too. Here are the details…

Back in March, I wrote an article highlighting how the FBI commandeered a treasure hunting group’s gold-find location.

Well, the strange saga continues as there has just been a fresh update to the story. It seems the father and son duo, Dennis and Kem Parada, have hired an attorney, and they are accusing the FBI of playing games and acting suspiciously about the dig site, and what the FBI may have found there.

First, this little info-video Fox News put together:

Here are some highlights from the Fox News article (published yesterday) that talks about some of the games and suspicious activity:

Since that day, however, neighbors’ accounts of late-night excavation and FBI convoys have fueled suspicions that the agency isn’t telling the whole truth.

“After my years of experience here using equipment, there was something here, something here of value, some kind of precious metal. And whatever it is, it’s gone now. And that’s what I want to get to the bottom of, is what was in that hole,” Kem Parada said.

The FBI said at the conclusion of its excavation “nothing was found” and the bureau repeated that statement when reached Tuesday by Fox News.

Let’s stop there for a second.

The FBI doing questionable things?


Yes that was sarcasm.

It makes perfect sense the FBI is doing questionable things because the FBI does questionable things all the time.

Back on track.

That whole “said at the conclusion that nothing was found” is nonsense and a half-truth at best, but it misses the point.

What Fox News isn’t saying is what the FBI literally said, in three and only three sentences, about the entire operation that took months to carry out, surely including interactions with locals, park systems, the courts, local and state governments, and which surely had historical, environmental and archaeological concerns, well, see for yourself everything the FBI had to say about the operation:

The FBI was conducting a court-authorized excavation last week at Dents Run, Elk County, Pennsylvania.

Nothing was found, and the excavation ended on Wednesday, March 14.

As this is related to an ongoing investigation, any additional comment would be inappropriate at this time.

I have to hand it to Fox News because if a reader wouldn’t have clicked the link to the FBI’s statement, the reader would think this investigation is done an buried, but “Ongoing investigation” is not the same thing as “the FBI said at the conclusion”.

Side note: This is supporting evidence to show, by these mere three sentences, that the government hates gold more than anything in the entire world, except, of course, for silver. They hate silver even more. I mean, all of what went on in the woods in Pennsylvania, and only three sentences?

Publicly, they hate gold so much they can’t even talk about it.

The story gets even weirder, and almost, dare I say it, “conspiratorial”?

Make that judgement for yourself (also from the Fox News article, bold added for emphasis):

The treasure hunters and Getler said they had an agreement with the FBI to watch the excavation. Officers instead confined them to their car — out of sight of the wooded hillside where a backhoe was digging — for six hours that first day before they were finally allowed up the hill. The digging proceeded for another hour before an agent called an abrupt halt at 3 p.m., saying the team was cold, tired and hungry and it would be getting dark soon. They were just 3 feet from the target.

“I said, ‘You’ve got three hours of daylight and we’re only 3 feet away,'” Dennis Parada recalled. He said the agent replied, “Denny, we’re going, we’re going.”

Whether the FBI actually left the woods that afternoon is itself an open question.

Cheryl Elder, who lives nearby, told the Associated Press she heard what sounded like a backhoe and jackhammer at least until 2 a.m. — the noisy machinery keeping her awake and annoying her because she had to rise early for work — and she saw that the hillside was brightly lit.

“It was just real loud all night,” the former constable recalled. “It was driving me nuts.”


After the Paradas and Getler had left, Elder said, she saw a half-dozen black SUVs at the site. One by one, she said, they backed up to the bottom of the hill and rendezvoused with one of several all-terrain utility vehicles. Elder tried using her binoculars, but couldn’t make out what investigators were transferring from the ATVs to the SUVs.

Heather Selle, who lives in nearby Weedville, said she was getting her kids ready for school on the morning of the second day when she spied a convoy of FBI vehicles driving past — including two large armored trucks.

“There was too many people involved, there was too much hush-hush, and there’s been too much seen,” said still another resident, Garrett Osche, whose garage was used as a staging ground for the FBI’s initial foray to the Dents Run area weeks before the dig. “Why do you close the road down if you’re not loading something out? If you’re not sneaking something, why do you need to do what they did?”

And people wonder why trust in the government is pretty much gone.

Here’s something else that just doesn’t jibe about the story:

The Associated Press says the shipment was believed to have 26 to 52 gold bars – each weighing 50 pounds and worth up to $50 million total today.

No link is given to where the AP says that, so we have to take that statement at face value, but 800 ounce gold bars?

Uh, OK.

Let’s assume 52 gold bars weighing 50 pounds each. That is 2,600 pounds or 1.3 tons of gold.

Now, the article says two wagons were sent.

Assuming a typical six-team mule or six-team horse Civil War era wagon, the weight that each wagon could carry was generally less than 2000 pounds each. Then you have to account for all the men that would have been involved, as well as their and their animal’s provisions and any other items that would have been sent from the Union down south for Union use (cannons, cannonballs, munitions, gunpowder, medical supplies, food, weapons, etc).

You could say it was only gold, like on a secret, one purpose mission, but you still have to account for the weight of the men assigned to the mission and all of the provisions.

The article says there were 10 men. So let’s call it 10 x 150 lbs, 1500 pounds of man weight, plus provisions. Call it another 100 pounds per person, and we are talking about 2500 pounds in men and provisions.

So in effect we have 5200+ pounds and only two wagons?

I don’t think so.

Like I said, it is generally agreed upon that Civil War wagons could support only 2000 pounds.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, maybe it was 26 gold bars, not 52, then the math would work!”.

Good point, but later on in the article, it get’s even weirder, in an “it goes to eleven” kind of way, where the article states that there could actually have been 7-9 tons of gold at the site, not the 1.3 tons I used in relation to the high side of the estimate:

But the Paradas and Getler told the Associated Press that the government contractor’s scan detected a much larger quantity of precious metal than previously thought — 7 to 9 tons — an eye-popping haul that could be worth more than $250 million if every ounce of it was gold.

Talk about one great big and confusing cluster f**k.

What can we say is going on here?

There are indeed very sketchy actions being taken by the F.B.I., and it seems there are now attempts to cover-up the story with another layer of confusion by employing the MSM propaganda machine.

Here’s the question (assuming there was indeed gold at this site commandeered by the FBI):

Did the FBI just confiscate gold, and if so, where did it go, and who benefited from that gold?

Here’s another point: The army (and all government for that matter) writes-off its financial losses. That lost gold would have been written-off as a loss many centuries ago, if the gold was even on the books in to begin with.

Additionally, what is the FBI doing there?

Aren’t they supposed to be investigating Federal crimes?

Or trying to overthrow President Trump?

Or working to get Hillary into the Oval Office?

Or spying on the American people?

Wouldn’t it seem more appropriate that the Department of the Treasury take the lead on this?

Or some other Federal conservation or historical department, with the actual work done by conservationists, historians, geologists and archaeologists?

But the FBI?

Makes you wonder.

And because I have touched on the whole topic of gold confiscation, let me argue why I think a future gold (or silver) confiscation, by the government of the people’s gold (or silver), can’t and won’t happen

I have said this before –

Confiscation is arguably illegal. Confiscation is immoral, unethical, unPatriotic, un-American, and arguably, Unconstitutional.

A bunch of corrupt politicians knew they would revalue gold (devalue the dollar) in 1934 from $20 to $35 after confiscation in 1933, and they profited handsomely from that racket.

Not again!

In my opinion, Patriots and stackers will draw a line in the sand.

Try confiscation and:

  • Prices would skyrocket overnight because it is instant government admission that gold & silver are very valuable.
  • You can’t confiscate what you can’t find.
  • The people already gave up their gold (1933) and silver (1965):  The saying “fool me once” comes to mind. Furthermore, if a person is smart enough to stack physical gold and physical silver, they are also smart enough to realize that most people did not comply with the confiscation in 1933. This is one of the reasons why pre-1933 gold is available for purchase because the people didn’t turn it in. That said, smart people would take the necessary steps to protect themselves from a corrupt government if it ever came to it. Said differently, the people would not just happily give up their gold & silver, but to the contrary, they would hide it.
  • Nobody owns pet rocks and barbarous relics anyway, so there is nothing to confiscate.
  • There will always be a black market – gold & silver the ultimate in privacy.
  • The government can’t just flip-flop on the bullion coin program after pushing it since 1986 (that would be like outlawing home ownership and making everybody give their houses to HUD so all houses could be re-distributed. Seriously).
  • The cost to run the confiscation program far exceeds the dollar amount of any gold or silver actually confiscated.
  • The government doesn’t run anything well, but it will all of the sudden be able to run a confiscation scheme?
  • People who own gold & silver support and defend the Constitution, which specifically names gold & silver as our only Constitutional money. Draw your own inferences from that statement.
  • People who say “they’ll confiscate gold” 99.999% of the time are disinformation agents, simply don’t understand this logic, or are in the business of pushing high-dollar, high-premium super-rare graded-and-slabbed pre-1933 coins.
  • If we ever get to the point of confiscating gold & silver, there are much bigger problems the government will have on its plate.
  • What would be actually be seized by government, due to how easy it would be to seize, would be pensions, 401Ks, and savings account balances in excess of ____________ (fill in the blank).

I can go on and on, but you get the point.

In my opinion, confiscation can’t and won’t happen.

What is happening, however, is something very strange with the FBI and gold.

And the way the MSM is reporting on it.

Bottom line?

Gold matters.

Silver too.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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