Is Silver The New Gold?

Isilvers the Prime Minister of India about to make Silver the New Gold???
By Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Silver has been money longer than gold – much longer.  How could silver be the new gold? Could it be that silver is finally going to, once again, have it’s day-in-the-sun and the real value of silver will be shown to the world?

Is it since Modi, the genius Prime Minister of India, lapdog of the Western banking cabal, transferred vast sums of wealth from the people of India to the banking cabal, through the elimination of the 500 and 1,000 rupee banknote the people have responded by acquiring ton upon ton of physical silver? Indians have known for hundreds of years to never trust the government and, especially, never trust their fake, illusion of money, the latest fiat currency – in whatever form the fiat currency takes. 

With silver being used for industry, like solar panels, electronics and a wide variety of other uses, silver could increase, according to India Times, by as much as 20% in 2017. This would be on top of the 16% rise in 2016. With very healthy demand for physical silver, globally, why shouldn’t we expect to see this type of increase every year? Why? Because of the rotten to the core banking cabal.

Commodity experts and bullion traders feel that silver can trump gold in coming months as demand for the metal is increasing for solar panels and electronics sector. Demand for silver is increasing in the home décor and fashionable jewellery categories in the country which may push the price of the metal by almost 15-20% in 2017, feel the traders and analysts.  

India had consumed around 7,000 tonnes of silver in 2015. Of this, 1,900 -2,000 tonnes were consumed by the industrial sector. In 2016, from January to July , imports of silver fell over half to 2,111 tonnes from 4,362 tonnes in the same period last year.  Source

We can only hope that you rode the silver wave higher in 2016. Lets hope that Deutsche Bank and their partners in crime, will be brought to justice, or at least shut down the market rigging of silver and gold. I seriously doubt the market rigging will slow down, change for the better or stop anytime soon, but, we can hope. Either way, are you prepared to ride the silver higher in 2017?

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