Hurricane Irma could be temporarily devastating to physical gold & silver supplies. Public information including the storm surge map from the Miami-Dade County Emergency Management shows that gold and silver refiners are at serious risk

We have been keeping a close eye on the storm to provide news on the “precious metals” side of Hurricane Irma.

On this map, directly from Miami-Dade County Emergency Management, and it does not look good.

Located here is just one refiner, which also happens to be one of the largest gold and silver refiners in the entire word:



President Trump is now out with a message for all Americans:



Here is what we reported earlier in the week on Tuesday when we asked about the possibilities of a gold and silver physical supply shortage:

First the good news: There is plenty of gold and silver right now available for purchase at great prices.

The bad news is that under the radar, however, Irma could literally cause short term devastation to the physical supply of gold & silver. 

Over the past three decades, all of Florida, and especially Miami and the entire eastern coast, has become a booming area for precious metal refiners.

And Irma is now THE STRONGEST Hurricane ON RECORD:


Here is from a Miami Herald article called “Miami is a magnet for gold“:

Although Miami may have a reputation for glitz and bling, few people realize it is one of the hubs for the nation’s gold trade.

Last year — for the first time — gold was both the top import and export from the Miami Customs District, which includes airports and seaports from Palm Beach County to Key West. But the reality is most of the gold entered and left via Miami International Airport.

More gold arrived in Miami than any other U.S. customs district last year and it ranked third in outbound shipments of gold. The most common routes take the glittery metal from mines in Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru and the gold trading center of Curacao, to Miami and then on to Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic.

South Florida is home to not only one of the largest precious metal refineries in North America — Republic Metals Corp. in Opa-locka — but it’s also a hub for bullion trading as well as assaying, refining, logistics and financing operations.
A simple “Florida Gold and Silver Refiners” map search shows that, indeed, there are a bunch of refiners all over Florida:
Here is more on Republic Metals:

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, our company was founded in 1980, and has grown to become one of the largest full-service primary precious metals refineries in the world.

Through proprietary green refining technology, we are able to offer the most competitive refining terms in the industry—with higher metal returns and faster settlement times. Our state of the art 150,000+ square foot refinery has an annual refining capacity of greater than 7,000 tons of silver and gold combined.

Throughout its illustrious history, Republic Metals has displayed excellence in precious metals refining in a manner that is considered environmentally friendly, as demonstrated through its long-standing ISO14001 registration. Republic Metals, an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company, holds listings on the LBMA, COMEX, SGE, and SBMA with recognitions for responsible business practices from the Responsible Jewellery Council, Conflict Free Smelter Initiative, and Ethical Alliance. As an LBMA-designated “Responsible Gold Party,” all business conducted by Republic Metals is performed in accordance with its stringent Patriot Act compliance and supply chain policies.

Michael Snyder is reporting that Florida shoppers are panic buying survival preps ahead of Hurricane Irma

As Irma inches closer to Florida, “prepping fever” has hit the public.  Grocery stores and home improvement chains are already being flooded with traffic, and this is only going to get worse the closer that Irma gets.  The following comes from one local news report:

As Hurricane Irma continues to make its way towards a possible strike on the Southeastern U.S., stores in South Florida are beginning to see a rush for supplies.

Several Publix supermarkets were full before noon Monday as residents grabbed water, non-perishable food and other items.

Another local news report noted that essential supplies were already running low at a Home Depot in south Florida.

With Hurricane Irma churning west, many South Florida residents are taking precaution and stocking up on supplies on Labor Day.

A Home Depot in Royal Palm Beach on Monday morning posted a sign that said they were short of some hurricane supplies, including wing nuts, 5-gallon containers for gasoline and 5-gallon jugs of water.

Those that wait until the last minute are going to find that there is nothing left for them.  One resident of Palm Beach Gardens told reporters that the local Wal-Mart in her area is already completely out of water.

“There was nothing at Walmart,” said Bianca Rodriguez of Palm Beach Gardens. “Not even like one thing of water.”

Of course those that have been preparing all along don’t have to run out to the store in a panic.

If Irma hits the United States as a category 4 or category 5 storm, it is going to make history.

Meteorologists are telling us that the United States has not been hit by two hurricanes of at least category 4 strength in the same year in more than a century.

And prior to Hurricane Harvey, a hurricane had not made landfall in this country in about 12 years.

There is still a possibility that Irma could miss us completely, but as CNN’s Tom Sater has noted, “that window is shutting quickly”.

But we’re not talking about panic buying of gold & silver, we are talking about the actual physical supply  importing, exporting, refining, vaulting, transportation, and logistics – all involved in getting gold and silver from raw mine and scrap supply to bar, coin and round products on the market.

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