Investors Seek Safety Of Bonds, Gold As Political Chaos & Crisis Emerges In Italy

If Salvini’s political partners don’t yield to his demands, he’ll dissolve the government…

from Zero Hedge

Update: Italy’s ruling party leader Matteo Salvini has just written in a note:

“We are going to Parliament immediately to acknowledge that there is no longer a majority, as is evident from the vote on the Tav, and we quickly return the word to the voters.”

“…it is pointless for government to go ahead amid continuous quarrels.”

Salvini went on to say that he has told PM Conte that “it is necessary to formalize the crisis in parliament” following a failed vote on a new railroad link with France, and demanded “fresh elections.”

De Maio confirmed, via Ansa, that Five Star is ready for a vote.

Italian equity markets are sliding (MSCI ETF as local markets closed).

The Euro dipped on the news against the dollar…

And Swissy was once again a safe-haven