Investors Need To be Sure They Have A Seat In The Precious Metals Lifeboat

The gold lifeboat won’t be easy to enter…

Jaime Carrasco interviewed on Palisade Radio

Gold options expire this week, and they expire at much higher prices which Jaime says, “we may soon know who has a large short position.” Things are looking very bullish for gold, and it’s reflecting the underlying systemic risks in the financial system.

Jaime discusses the Dow-Gold and Gold-Silver ratios and why they reveal the considerable potential for both gold and silver. Currently, there is little interest in the precious metals space, but that could quickly change. Investors need to be sure that they have a seat in the precious metals lifeboat.

Time Stamp References:
0:30 – Options contracts expiring higher.
2:10 – Ray Dalio’s recent comments on gold.
3:00 – Pension funds required by law to buy treasuries.
4:30 – Banking sector remains at risk.
5:30 – Dow-to-Gold Ratio and reversion to the mean.
6:00 – US dollar remains a safe harbor.
7:00 – Silver is a big opportunity.
8:15 – Expect more destruction in the bond market.
9:45 – Investors are too complacent.
10:30 – Gold lifeboat won’t be easy to enter.
13:00 – Favorite authors and books.
14:00 – Think outside the box.