Investors Just Can’t Sell Their Disgusting, Useless & Worthless Barbarous Relics Fast Enough!

SD Friday Wrap: With the price action in the “markets” this week, you’d think gold & silver have become super-toxic, but guess what? When we see…




Just like these?

They are really epic fails.

It only looks like they are successful because of gold & silver’s “price”.

But the paper price has absolutely zero to do with gold & silver’s value.

The paper market is becoming more and more disconnected with reality.

So much so, that even the internet censors have stepped-up their attacks.

Case in point – YouTube’s epic fail against one of this week’s Silver Doctors’ videos.

And this happened not once but twice within less than a day.

And yes, I’m talking about the very same video.

On a channel with less than 30K subs.

There is a word for that.



We got ’em really butt-hurt when we dished out some cold hard truth about Google/YouTube’s blatant censorship attacks on the alternative-media with Sean on SGT Report:

That video was released on Tuesday.

We live-stream our Silver Doctors Live show on YouTube on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. EST.

The connection was “dropped” during this week’s show, some 21 minutes in:

Of course, what really happened is someone at YouTube cut the live-stream.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re just some paranoid conspiracy theorist who fell off his rocker again!”.

Um, those words no longer have any effect, so, could we maybe just switch-it-up a little bit?

Er, hold on, Trump’s Attorney General Barr did just say today that the government “was” spying on Americans.

So, thank God for President Trump because he has stopped all the government spying on Americans too, right?

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, man, I’m tellin’ you, you really don’t get it, like, I mean, President Trump is fighting for the alternative-media and He just announced that anyone in the alternative-media who has ever been censored or silenced, or is currently being censored or silenced, to just put your name, website, and other pertinent info on His list, so I’m telling you, He’s really Draining the Swamp now!”.

Oh geez.

I was hoping you wouldn’t go there.

Go where?

Well, there:

Where the sheeple think it’s a “list”, and where the Deep State Globalists laugh at you because they call it a “trap”.

Like this:

Only now the re- oh, nevermind.

Certainly not that it really matters anyway because if the Deep State Globalists really want you, they will get you.

For they have the power and the means to keep paying for it, and they must keep getting even dirtier to keep it.

Now, thanks to Mike Manwell’s quick thinking and sweet YouTube live-streaming ninja skills, we were back up and live-streaming within minutes.

Which is why there was a Part II this week:


And the show went on, despite YouTube’s ineffective maneuvering with hopes of techno-idiocy.

Not to be out-maneuvered, when I opened our YouTube channel next morning, what did I see?

A disclaimer spewing the government and MSM propagandist narrative on chemtrails indeed:

For they had nothing on us because all we were doing was engaging in an intelligent discussion on the latest gold, silver and finance news, yet the Deep State Globalist Gatekeepers needed to come up with something.

So they did come up with something.

But chemtrails?


I mean, c’mon.



For those who don’t know, whenever there is a YouTube video that calls-out the official lies of the Deep State Globalists, YouTube goes on the attack.

Other topics they attack with mad-fervor include:

  • 9/11
  • The moon landing
  • Vaccines

Since we are not part of the fight against truth, as YouTube is, they slapped-on that disclaimer.

What does a disclaimer do?

While I can only speculate because I have never worked for nor will I ever work for vile evilness, I imagine the check-boxes on YouTube’s back-end:

  • Prohibits the video from being “recommended”
  • Keeps the video from showing up in search
  • Keeps targeted videos on the YouTube censors’ radar
  • Is a quick and easy way to demonetize videos
  • etc, etc, etc

Just choose the options you want, or select from a default template.

It could be one, a combination, or all of those things once it begins.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you’re just ranting man, do you have a point?”.



Yes I do.

Considering everything that has been going on to contribute to the pounding of the metals this week, the MSM propaganda including the newly and exquisitely tacky re-modeled soap boxes of the “experts”, the “rally” of the cryptos, the “selling” of gold & silver on the COMEX, and now, the Internet censors going on the offensive with fresh reinforcements attacking gold & silver videos, albeit in what can only be described as a rather sloppy flanking-move, this kind of engagement in a full-on assault against gold & silver really speaks to the absolute desperation of the cartel.

That is my point.

And since I’m likely mumbling again, let me say it a different way: We are very, very, very close to the physical market blowing-up as evidenced by the spiking escalations of the coordinated blitzkrieg against gold & silver.

Of course, their intentions were all too clear as America got out of bed on Monday morning:

They get-off more on the bottom falling out of gold & silver, and especially silver, than they get-off on literally anything else in the entire world.


So my call for the bottom in silver to hold at $14.57 has been proven wrong.

Just check out how they really laid into silver real good to finish out the week:

For now it looks like they are in control, and they are in control, but they will not be in control for much longer, even though it sure does look like the next move is to smash silver below $13.86 and paint one gigantic bearish-forming trend spanning back the course of a year.

Not to mention the death cross as well.


It’s like when you’re watching a move, and the bad guy has been mortally wounded, yet as he lay there dying, he’s laughing at the good guy, all the way until death.

It’s really good, have you seen that movie?

It’s the same one we are watching right now.

Do not worry because you will get to see it.

There is no and will be no glory when the cartel goes down.

For now, the cartel is using up all of their firepower.

Some people would call it, “spray-n-pray”.

There surely is the spray.

But the pray?



Gold has been holding-up, but it sure looks like they’ve set-up the yellow metal to lose its 200-day moving average:

They’ll likely take a stab at it next week.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, is there any indication we may be close to a bottom?”.

Good question.

Yes there is, and you can read about it here.

Check out the gold-to-silver ratio:

I know I said if the ratio gets to 90, then we’d have a “back-up the truck” moment, but we’re so close to 90 now that I don’t want anybody missing out on massive amounts of free money that will be made on the gold-to-silver ratio arbitrage.

Palladium is at risk of losing $1300:

If the cartel succeeds in painting the chart with an even more short-term bearish trend, well then, that’s one big air pocket between $1300 and $1000.

The bottom really fell out of platinum this week:

Just check out platinum’s fury to reach “oversold” conditions as fast as possible as we’re down over 10% from just last month.

What’s the bottom line for the metals this week?

Well, the bottom fell out of them, and while it may seem like gold, and especially silver, will never rise in price, there is bound to be a full-court press of bearish sentiment from all the “analysts”, “experts”, “gurus”, “pundits” and “traders”, and as soon as that happens, which could happen as early as next week, the metals will turn.

Copper continues to break-down:

I have recently started thinking we are going to triple-bottom, and I’m really thinking that now

Crude oil’s price decline based on Trump’s fake man-handling of the Saudis’ looks to have reversed:

I have been calling for higher crude oil prices, and I think we resume the uptrend very soon, especially as the Deep State Globalists plan on really cranking-up the economic misery and financial ruin on all Americans who are not Deep State Globalists.

When you are the stock market, and you are making yourself and your buddies massively rich by literally just printing-up and double-clicking as much “money” into existence to buy stocks as your hear desires, like this:

Well, everybody knows you can really have some good old-fashioned money stealin’ fun with the “markets” instead of just simply directly transferring the fraudulent, counterfeit currency into personal bank accounts.

Where’s the fun in that?

The trade war is now “escalating” several times each day, so this makes total sense:

Because why wouldn’t multiple daily escalations in the trade war, which this week included threats of using the ‘nuclear option’ and threats of retaliation, cause fear and uncertainty to rise?


Since the stock market has been walked back up, and since the VIX has been walked back down, well, this:

Yield on the 10-Year Note was kept from making new 52-week lows.

The US dollar “strengthened” every single day this week:

It looks like we’ll get a break-out next week, which will be short lived in my opinion, but the break-out will let all the Bitcoin Fanboys and dollar bulls claim that gold and silver are dead!

Of course, the problem is that people who own gold & silver are smarter than people who do not own the metals.

So no matter how hard they try, well, I’d like them to try some more, really, because, you see.

It’s been pretty cold where I live, and it’s nearly the month of June.

So I’m spring cleaning and raising funds.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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