INSANITY: Thinking Basel III Was Going To End The Manipulation Of Gold, Silver

What will be the next False Hope du Jour?

(by Half Dollar) Remember when China was going to shock the world and announce its 30,000 gazillion tons of gold held in reserve, and then, along with Russia, overtake the United States and achieve global dominance?

That was a good one!

Or, how about that time President Donald J. Trump, the bestest and most awesomest president, in both all of history and in history yet to come, was going to end the Fed and put the United States back on the gold standard?


That was a good one too!

Now, this whole game changer known as “Basel III”?

Um, yeah, well, not so much.

I mean, a bunch of nerdy wannabe scholarly bean counters arguing over some highly technical numbers and legalese as if our “elected” “leaders” and public “servants” were actually writing, speaking, and acting truthfully and honesty?

It’s not even really all that funny.

If you’re in need of a good laugh, or if you’re not exactly sure which false hope to cling to next, perhaps check out the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino who think they’re gonna end the manipulation of silver by hitting jackpot after jackpot with the penny slots.

Silly Gamblers.

One of these days they might learn.

But I doubt it.

For Silver Bugs, Stackers, and other Smart Investors who actually want to end the manipulative price suppression of gold & silver, there is only one single thing to do, and it has absolutely nothing to do with with pipe dreams and everything to do with reality.

Starve the Beast!

They say Basel III is going to end the manipulation of gold:

Will that be before the upcoming Friday Jobs Smash as we kick off the long, three day holiday weekend, or after?

I maintain that we have not seen the capitulation in silver:

Perhaps that’s coming after the First Week of July Smashing?

If so, look for a pop in the ratio to above 80 or maybe even 85:

Regardless, if we’re still coming under pressure here, and I think we are coming under pressure, then any movement in the ratio will be for the stacker friendly reasons of lower prices.


I bought Wifey a platinum bracelet the other day, and it nearly weighs a full ounce:

I don’t just write about this stuff, you know, for I actually do what I say I do, and while I’m still looking to add a crapton of silver at lower prices, it was getting harder and harder to not pull the trigger on some platinum.

Palladium, not so much:

Nothing has changed with palladium in the sense that, in my opinion, the other three precious metals need to move closer to parity.

Copper’s short-term trend doesn’t look so good for the bulls:

If the technicals matter, that is.

Gas prices are creeping higher:

So is the cost of hourly parking at the airport.

Like, six stinkin’ bucks for thirty minutes?

I’m pretty sure there’s a word for that.

It might be a phrase, actually, called “The New Normal”:

Although let’s not get it twisted: When talking about the VIX, it’s called “The Same Old, Same Old”.

Of course, it’s apples to paper clips to compare the stock market to gold, or silver:

An ounce of fine silver is an ounce of fine silver is an ounce of fine silver.

Yesterday, my family ate dinner in a restaurant in Monroe, Michigan:

Funny how names change, isn’t it?

Friendly Reminder Time: Know what you’re fighting for.

To say “the stakes are high” is an understatement.

And like it or not, everybody will have to fight:

Everybody, everywhere.

And especially here.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart