Inflows Of Capital Into Gold Are Now Spilling Over Into Silver

Gold & silver still have a very long way to go. Here’s why…

Palisade Radio with Barry Dawes

Barry is seeing new inflows of capital into gold and which is now spilling over into silver. The Canadian resource market is showing signs of life, while Australia has been doing well for some time. He provides an outlook for nickel, lithium, and copper. Electric Vehicles are gaining in popularity although he has concerns about the environmental aspects. We are only just starting with the gold bull market in the major currencies. Silver is going to outperform gold over the next four or five years.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Capital flows into precious metals.
2:10 – Australia and Canadian resource markets.
6:50 – Thoughts on nickel and copper.
9:40 – Electric vehicles and lithium.
13:20 – Favorite books and interesting people.
15:00 – Heed the markets and not the commentators.