IMF Magic Number 7, The Shemitah & September Collapse — Bix Weir

Bix Weir joined the SGTReport for a MUST LISTEN interview discussing JPM, silver, Christine Lagarde’s cryptic speech on the Magic Number 7, the Shemitah, and tying it all together on the potential for a MASSIVE economic collapse this September!

JP Morgan is acquiring physical silver in staggering amounts.  According to Ted Butler’s research, JPM is massively long on PHYSICAL silver to the tune of roughly 350 MILLION OUNCES which JPM has taken delivery of over the recent past. Bix says, “Don’t forget they are the custodian of the SLV silver etf. It might also be that they have been ponying up false numbers in SLV and are having to load up the coffers because something very big is coming down the line.”

On Christine Lagarde, her magic number 7 speech and the seven year cycle of the Shemitah, Bix says: “We’ve got to remember who runs this financial system and who has the power to pull the plug.  And it is these elite bankers such as Christine Lagarde. And obviously her speech about the magic number 7 was eluding to the Shemitah and the 7-year cycle… But this year the Shemitah is the seventh 7-year cycle so it’s an even bigger one, and according to the powers that be in the Jewish religion, this is the year of jubilee where all debts are forgiven… they could very easily pull the plug right around that time of September of 2015, so that’s the reason to look out for this coming September...

From the SGTReport: