Imagine if This Was the Last Loaf of Bread Rather Than a Black Friday Phone Sale

Black Friday brings out the worst in the American sheople annually as they routinely stampede and riot (reports this morning in Texas of a gun being pulled over a line cutter at Sears) over things such as the IPad9 and the Samsung Galaxy 16 (wait, that’s next year).  Not surprisingly, the clips of this year’s atrocious behavior by the consumer Walmart mobs are already flowing in. 

Our one question: What do you think this group of Americans’ (or similar crowds at any other Walmart across the country) riots will look like in the wake of a dollar collapse, when it is the last 3 loaves of bread being fought over?

For a preview of how a SHTF scenario will play out across Walmarts all over the US, watch the footage below:



While the sheople assault one another over discounted phones, SD readers can calmly increase their stack further in preparation of dealing with a mob such as the one above in the event of a dollar collapse via, where 2012 Silver Eagles will be $2.49 over spot, and Silver Buffalos will be $0.89 over, any quantity all day.