If The RMB Oil Contract Is Damaging Enough The U.S. Will Issue A Devalued “Domestic Only” Dollar

Jim Willie says that if the U.S. is forced to issue a “domestic only” dollar, then get ready for big currency devaluations and civil unrest right here in the USA…

Jim Willie interview on Crush The Street

In todays explosive interview Jim Willie shares his opinions on the global economy, Gold’s corrupted price and the situation of the dollar. We also discuss A.I and the economic implications it will bring.
  • Gold’s corrupted price and the economic situation
  • Cryptocurrencies becoming the hedge against globalist price manipulation?
  • US economic repercussions
  • “We’ve had to rely on financial bubbles and busts”
  • Artificial Intelligence and the implications on the economy
  • Risks with A.I in the future
  • Closing thoughts and where to find out more information