Where’s The “National Security” Outcry For China’s Increasing Involvement In The US Gold Futures Market?

We hold 8,000+ tons of gold, are in trade & currency wars, and have designated China a currency manipulator, however…

Editor’s Note: Beginning on Monday, October 14th, the People’s Bank of China will control the price of some “financially settled” COMEX gold futures contracts priced in renminbi:


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Something doesn’t add up! We’re in a trade war with China, We’ve designated China a “currency manipulator”, the US govt holds gold as a monetary reserve, but yuan denominated gold futures contracts begin trading on Monday on COMEX? Let’s try to make some sense of what’s really going on…

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Bonus pic and content (link to the Tweet):


Isn’t that interesting?

Considering, well, this:

In addition to the fact that the yuan futures contracts are not settled with physical, but rather, “settled financially”, on top of the fact that“central bank trading discounts” are given to foreign central banks to trade gold & silver futures contracts on the COMEX.

Yet there’s no problem with China coming in to the paper gold market?

Half of the country was already sold down the river by Obama.

The other half is being sold down the river by Trump.

The sad part is, the Red Hats think it’s a cruise.

Just like European train rides in the 1940s.

This ain’t gonna be no dang vacation!

It’s going to be economic misery.

It will be financial ruin too.

USA gets it the worst.

And why is that?

It’s too easy.


That is.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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