John Rubino: Gold Is A PHENOMENAL Place To Put Your Money In Times Like These

The gap between the gold price and fiat paper-wealth keeps widening, but that’s not the only reason why gold’s a great buy right now. John explains…

John Rubino interviewed by Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

Financial Writer John Rubino says, “It is possible that a garden variety one year recession would blow-up the financial markets. That’s the stuff that they are hearing (in the White House) that is terrifying. . . . There are probably older and wiser people whispering in Trump’s ear who are saying the next equities bear market might be the end of the financial world for us. . . . They are so worried, they are will to experiment with monetary policy again in order to prevent the crash that could make them this generation’s Herbert Hoover.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, founder of