How Will Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks Perform In A Stock Market Crash?

In 2008, Gold & Silver Initially Puked Along With the Market Before Skyrocketing to $50 and $1900. 
How Will the Metals Perform During the REAL Financial Crisis On the Horizon?

From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler

It looks like the western Central Banks are having trouble pushing gold prices below $1240 right now.  After series of high lows in the price of gold since late December, it looks like there’s chance gold is forming the base for the next attempted assault on $1300.  At the same time, judging from the stock market trading action of the last three days, it appears as if the Trump “Hope” Bubble is getting ready to pop.

Bill Powell of invited me on to his podcast show to discuss how the precious metals sector will perform when the stock market inevitably crashes, among other topics.

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