How To Pick Gold & Silver Miners For Trading And Investing | Simon Popple

How does a trader or investor choose the right mining company or mix of mining companies? Simon explains that, and a whole lot more…

Simon Popple of Brookville Capital interviewed by Half Dollar of Silver Doctors

Got your eyes on a specific gold mining company in Australia, or maybe a silver mining company in Mexico? How do you choose the right one, or the right mix of companies for trading and investing? Simon returns to Silver Doctors to discuss BREXIT, gold, silver, the miners, and the mining companies, so if you’re new to trading and investing, if you are looking for a refresher, or if you are simply looking to pick-up a tip that you may have missed, then this video’s for you!


DISCLAIMER: The financial and political discussion and opinions expressed in this video are those of the guest(s) and the host(s) and not necessarily of “”. The discussion and opinions expressed in this video should not be relied on or considered advice for making trading or investment decisions, nor is this video financial advice or tax advice. The information shared in this video is for the sole purpose of education.


Some of the topics in this video include:


– What is the status of BREXIT, and what effect may BREXIT have on the economy and the markets in general, and the currencies, gold & silver specifically?


– What are some of the things a person should consider when looking to trade or invest in gold & silver mining companies?


For robust discussion on BREXIT, gold, silver, fiat currencies, the miners, and mining companies, tune-in to the video in its entirety.



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