Gold Could Go To $10 On The COMEX But No Physical Will Be Available For Under $5,000 If Available At All

Bill Holter says there will be a failure to deliver on the COMEX, and when that happens, the price suppression jig is up. Here’s the details…

Bill Holter interviewed by Sean on SGTreport

The day the Nunes FISA memo was released, stocks plummeted 666 points. Was it a message to President Trump? Q anon thinks so, and so do I. Is Rothschild ready to tank the US stock market as way to punish Trump for daring to challenge the ruling elite and shadow government? Remember too that the 1988 cover of ‘the Economist’ predicted that 2018 would be a tumultuous year for the US Dollar. Bill Holter joins me to discuss.

Tune in to this important and timely interview in its entire below: