HindeSight: The Unraveling of Our Global Monetary System is At Hand!

The global crisis is a financial crisis driven primarily by global trade and capital imbalances.  This is the macro theme we have pursued these past 7 years. We believe the global crisis is in full swing again and asset prices are in danger of falling globally.   Money is less effective at catching the falling knife.  Emerging market countries are exhibiting the signs of crisis-like price action associated with deteriorating balance of payment balances, even though many have built up significant foreign exchange reserves.   Investors and policymakers do not believe this is the beginning of a major EM contagion crisis. They are lulling themselves into a false sense of security. They see the EM market tremors, and do not fear are-run of the EM crises of old.  They are right. This is not (just) going to be an EM crisis. Recent events portend a far more serious crisis is at hand; the unraveling of our global monetary system.

Ben Davies of Hinde Capital’s full MUST READ letter on the unraveling of the global monetary system is below:

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HindeSight Investor Letter June 2013 – Top of the BoPs


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