Hillary Clinton’s Poll Numbers Plunge to the Worst Since 2001

If crowned, I mean elected, Hillary Clinton will enter the office severely damaged with almost no credibility.
Submitted by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Although I continue to believe that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of these United States unless the Republicans nominate Rand Paul (read why I think he is the only candidate who can beat her here), the public’s plunging distrust in her is a very positive development for the nation.

For example, if crowned, I mean elected, she will enter the office severely damaged with almost no credibility. A large percentage of the population will see her as the illegitimate oligarch puppet that she is, which is good, because as James Baldwin accurately noted:

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

We learn from the National Journal that:

Though Clinton‘s campaign has said repeatedly that the bad headlines surrounding her private email server and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation aren’t impacting her image, two new polls out Tuesday suggest the scandals are starting to take a toll nationally.

Both new numbers from CNN/ORC and a poll from The Washington Post and ABC News suggest Clinton’s favorability ratings have slipped in the months since the stories about the email server and the foundation first broke; they also find that a majority of voters don’t view her as honest and trustworthy.

A national poll from CNN/ORC Tuesday morning found Clinton with her highest unfavorable rating in 14 years: Just 46 percent of those surveyed viewed her favorably, compared with 50 percent who viewed her unfavorably. That’s a reversal from the last CNN/ORC poll in mid-March, when 53 percent viewed her favorably and just 44 percent viewed her unfavorably. (The last time her negatives were this high was in March 2001, when 53 percent of those surveyed viewed her unfavorably.)

On whether Clinton “is honest and trustworthy,” CNN found just 42 percent of people say she is; 57 percent say she is not. In March, 50 percent said she was honest and trustworthy and 49 percent said she was not.

In the Post/ABC poll, just 41 percent of those surveyed nationally say she’s honest and trustworthy, compared with 52 percent who say she’s not. That’s a 22-point change just within the last year, the Post notes.

I can’t hear you. Are you ready?

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger