Here’s Who Stands To Lose Once Gold & Silver Break Free From The Violent Price Suppression

Rob Kirby says frustrated precious metals investors should stay the course because gold and silver can’t stay in their box much longer. Here’s why…

Rob Kirby interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Topics in this must listen, timely interview include:

  • A deep dive into the MSM propaganda vs the reality of the financial world we live in.
  • Rob says that we are witnessing the controlled collapse of the financial & media edifice.
  • The mainstream has gone so far down the rabbit hole, that they are having trouble getting the story straight.
  • To give a a financial example of this, Rob Kirby looks at the Fed Interest Rate Policy and the MSM cheer-leading of it.
  • The conversation then shifts to the precious metals markets and the “violent suppression” from the powers that be to keep the metals capped.
  • Rob discusses the recent action in cryptocurrency as something to look forward to once gold & silver break through the violent price suppression.
  • Donald Trump is not the movement, he is just a surfer on the wave of coming libertarianism, and one can knock the surfer off the wave, but the wave won’t stop.
  • Discussion of the Death of the Petro-dollar.
  • The U.S. bond market bubble