Here We Go Again: Congress May Finally Confirm Deep State Globalist In Gold Advocate’s Clothing, Judy Shelton, To The Fed

Everybody’s favorite wannabe Gold Bug, who’s actually a Financial Repressionista and a Loose Money Girl, may finally be welcomed into Club Fed…

(by Half Dollar) In her confirmation hearings, Judy Shelton was saying things such as how many tens of billions of dollars she’d whip-up for Quantitative Easing each month, and she has also been a proponent of the Fed setting ultra-low interest rates, and these things are INCOMPATIBLE with being a Gold Advocate or even a Free Market Advocate!

In other words, Judy Shelton is just fine with the Fed’s market intervention and market rigging.

Said differently, She’d love the ability to spoon-feed the Beast.

Regardless, she may finally be confirmed by Congress.

From The Washington Post (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

The Senate is expected to confirm President Trump’s controversial Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton to a seat on the central bank’s board of governors, giving the president another chance to shape the long-term direction of one of the government’s most powerful entities.


Pardon my French, but Judy Shelton is a LOOSE MONEY GIRL.

Good thing I don’t know much French.

Judy Shelton has gone full Alan Greenspan in how she’s actually TURNED HER BACK on gold and the free markets.

In my opinion, there is no “fixing the Fed”, there is no “reforming the Fed”, and there is no “anything the Fed”.

The Fed should be labeled a Domestic Terrorist Organization and dealt with accordingly.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why are you so harsh today?”.

Here’s the question: Do you want convicted pedophiles teaching sex education to American children in public elementary schools?

If the answer is no, then the Fed is pure evil in that same sense:

Furthermore, The Fed kills off elderly American Savers via their interest rate suppression and understatement of inflation by forcing the elderly to choose their own death when they have so little money that they must choose between food (slow death), home heat (overnight death) or meds (quick death), for the elderly’s savings haven’t generated any income in decades, are being rapidly depleted, and are losing purchasing power by the week, and the Fed also enslaves America’s Youth by means of their Unconstitutional monetary policy, debt monetization and more.

Hope in Judy Shelton doing ANYTHING “good for gold” or the free markets?

Don’t count on it.

She’s a Deep State Globalist in Gold Advocate’s Clothing.