Here Comes The Crackdown: Rush To Buy Guns OR TO BUY GOLD?

To a millionaire retired guy who is an amateur pilot, what are a couple $20,000 days in a casino, or money spent on Philippine women? Here comes the financial crackdown, which may back-fire on the politicians completely and set the stage for a massive rush into gold. Here’s the latest…

First, there was the immediate HRC stab:

But that is a given. Even President Trump is saying that we will talk about “gun laws” (which, judging by his flip-flopping actions of his first nine months most likely does not mean open Constitutional-carry by law abiding citizen to but a stop to all this violence):

But now, some other political agendas can come into place. Just check out Fox News for an idea of what that might be:


Money Mistery



If a financially well-off (described by his own family) retired guy has some money to spend on Philippine women as the Fox article alludes to, it would make sense that he would send money overseas to buy the best he could afford. It’s not like somebody is paying for Philippine women by wiring money to Canada (although I’m not sure if Canada is known for Philippine women brokerage).

If a millionaire has $30,000 to spend in a casino, how is that a big deal? I’ve saw a guy lose 10K in a casino in less than a minute, and he wasn’t a millionaire. He was incredibly stupid, but that’s a not the intent of this article.

So this brings us to the real question.

What is this setting up for? Is it a loss of privacy in banking even further, or are they going after, do I dare say it – the cryptos?

Whatever it is, this has opened up a new can of worms into privacy and banking. Even crypto.

Gold and silver, held outside the system, protected, safe, secure, and away from prying hands, has no counter-party risk.

If they are going to make this push, it might not see a rush to buy guns, but a rush to buy gold. Especially if the dreaded “B” word is used.

And by the looks of it, we will soon find out: