Heavy Gold & Silver “Selling” As Economic, Market, Political & Social Conditions…Worsen?!?

SD Outlook: It would appear everything around the globe is awesome again, although that appearance is dead wrong…

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If you woke up this morning and looked at the price of gold, you would have immediately thought that current events around the world aren’t really all that bad.

Gold’s back down into the $1450’s, and silver nearly lost $16.70:

In fact, looking at the selling in gold & silver overnight, not only does it appear things must not be that bad, but it seems as if US & global conditions are improving!

So let’s take a quick scan of what has been going on, so that we may better assess economic and market conditions.

In the US, it looks like the farmers are getting bailed-out again:

Wait, what?

Is that some 4-D Chess I see going on by the Grand Chessmaster?

Because if they “recieve” another major round of cash, well, they aren’t “receiving” anything at all!

Oh well.

Those great Farmers will just have to figure out a way to get a larger slice of the pie, you know, on their own.

Which should be a piece of cake, no pun intended, because of, well, this:

Obviously President Trump IS LYING, or, “Our great Farmers” really, really suck at their jobs.

But I digress.

Let’s look around the world to see what we can find.

Hmm, here’s something from Bloomberg, updated just this morning:


Now that doesn’t look too bad.

In fact, I’m sure every downtown commission of every city in the United States would like to see that sort of quiet, peaceful night life in a clean looking area.

Of course, looking at other areas of Hong Kong shows us that things aren’t quite right:

It will be a sad day when this begins in the United States.

But there I go again.


OK, “Hey Half Dollar, do you have a point today, because you’re back to babbling again?”.



I do.

I’m trying to see some good in the world, but everywhere I look, I see not just continued economic and market deterioration, but the social and political deterioration are becoming quite alarming.

You see, I was asked by a former reader to write about positive stuff, but I’m finding it difficult to do so.

Why is that?

Because of all the bad economic and market news all around us.

Much in the same way I feel it is literally impossible to “make America great again” before “draining the swamp”, I feel we must address all of the negative economic and market conditions before we begin celebrating one-off, small victories.

And to think, at best, Trump supporters think the US economy isn’t doing all that bad, or, at worst, they think the US economy is doing great.

What happens when they come to the cold, hard realization that the US economy is going up in a ball of flames?

The cartel sure is trying to get a lower-low painted on silver’s daily chart:

Last week I discussed several reasons why I think the bottom was either in last Tuesday, or is very close to being in right now.

Gold is currently holding up better than silver:

It’s getting really hard to know if we’re going to get one more flush-out before the rally, but I still don’t think we do.

More weakness in silver than in gold would mean a rising gold-to-silver ratio:

The downtrend is still in tact at this point, and I wouldn’t be concerned for gold or silver in the short-term unless the ratio popped above 87.81.

In the meantime, palladium is content riding its 50-day moving average:

And that’s fine by me because, all things considered, palladium looks to be in the midst of a healthy consolidation.

Platinum is pulling back today, right along with gold & silver:

Platinum finished the week stronger than gold & silver did, and since this is just some plain-old precious metals price suppression we see today, we can look to platinum for clues as to when the cartel eases up on the pressure.

All things considered, I still think gold & silver are ready to rally.

Copper’s weak to start the week:

Slowly but surely, however, a golden cross is setting up on copper’s daily chart.

Crude oil is still in its allowable range:

Although we are starting the week above the 200-day moving average, which in and of itself is bullish.

The stock market is becoming quite overheated:

Are we at the start of the melt-up, blow-off top?

If not, we will need to see a pullback so those technicals aren’t so extreme.

That is, of course, unless they decide to smash the VIX:

Which would be the inverse of a melt-up, blow-off stock market top, and just as dangerous.

Yield on the 10-Year Note will once again be something to watch closely:

Just a friendly reminder that gold & silver’s “correction” began just one day after yield on the 10-Year Note found its most recent short term bottom on September 3rd.

The US dollar should start falling very, very soon:

I would just ask, what sense does it make that China is buying “big again” (Trump’s words, not mine) when the dollar is still relatively strong?

Said differently, if people were stocking up on food, wouldn’t they look to pay the lowest possible price for whatever it is they’re buying?

Of course, for that’s how humans, and, by extension, governments are, so it makes no sense at all that China’s buying “big again”.

However, if you realize that Trump lies to the American people over and over and over again, it makes total sense they are.

What is the bottom line as we find ourselves right here this beautiful although cold Monday morning in mid-November?

It is almost funny to see the selling pressure coming into gold and silver when the markets opened, and overnight.

Because not only are things not fixed in the US, or around the world, but conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

In the US we see yet another Trump farmer bailout, which makes how many in the last several years?

Yet the US economy is greater than it ever has been in the entire history of the United States?

The state of the US economy and markets right now is something very, well, peculiar.

Half of the country quite literally has nothing, Americans just scraping to get by.

The other half thinks President Trump in the greatest President, ever.

And then there’s the top 1.0%, laughing all the way to the bank.

However, they’ll get financially slaughtered with the sheep.

‘Cause the joke is going to be on them too, you know?

The Deep State Globalists are still firmly in charge.

They’ve created many illusions & distractions.

But when it comes to the US economy?

The illusions will abruptly go away.

With no time for distractions.

One can’t be distracted.

Looking for paid work.

Or a place to live.

Or finding food.

When it’s all?

Hard times.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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