Heavily Armed Group Assaults Canadian Owned Gold Mine In Mexico, Steals Gold & Silver Bars And Escapes In Small Airplane

“authorities are searching for the plane”

(by Half Dollar) Here’s one you don’t read about everyday.

With something that sounds like it came from a script in a movie, five heavily armed men robbed a gold mine in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Oh yeah, and they escaped in a plane.

From El Financiero (translated by google)

Several heavily armed men stole an unspecified amount of gold and silver alloy ingots from a mine in Sonora and escaped among the remote mountains in a small plane, the National Gold Mines company reported Thursday.

The robbery occurred on Wednesday morning at the Mulatos mine in Sahuaripa, Sonora, when employees of the company, which is the Mexican subsidiary of Alamos Gold of Canada , were preparing to transport the ingots in a hired plane on the take-off runway from sheet.

Five armed men arrived and detained security personnel at the mine, and another small plane landed. In a matter of 10 minutes , the aircraft and the attackers fled above the mountains with the loot, according to the statement from the National Gold Mines.

Authorities are searching for the plane on clandestine runways near the area where the robbery was committed.

According to the Sonoran Miners Association Twitter account, this is the second robbery in two weeks.

Recall that just days ago, we reported that Mexico shut down its mines for thirty days as part of its nationwide shutdown.