Heaps Of Lies

WillieSince truth hardly matters anymore, we all get numb to the day-to-day barrage of falsities and outright lies that come at us every day.
But something clicked today and caused me to simply stop and take it all in…

Submitted by Craig Hemke, TFMetals:

And even “take it all in” is an exaggeration on my part. I couldn’t take it all in if I wanted to. I simply paused this morning as I perused the headlines and let the lies and corruption wash over me for a moment.

Let’s start with The Federal Reserve. Not only is this organization named in a way that is intentionally trying to deceive you, their mission of sparking inflation through the endless creation of new fiat cash (upon which their owners can charge interest) is theft on a grand scale. All of your hard work, in the form of your accumulated savings, is being constantly devalued and stolen by these criminal bankers. But no, you’re told that The Fed is this omnipotent, altruistic and benevolent organization that works for the American people. Wrong! They work for their owners, first and foremost. And who are their owners? Their member Banks.

And then there’s this notion that The Fed must now raise the Fed Funds rate because “the economy is robust and strong”. Really? Last I checked, Q1 GDP came in at just +1.1% and the just-revised estimate of Q2 GDP is also just +1.1%. Even today, productivity has declined again while US manufacturing levels have collapsed to economic contraction levels.

Again, you’re being lied to. A Fed Funds rate hike by The Fed is NOT designed to benefit you or the general economy. Instead, it’s designed to benefit The Fed’s member Banks. How and why is hard to know but, like every other Fed decision from TARP to QE, the moves the FOMC and Fed make are ALL designed with The Banks’ best interests at heart, not yours. Is this what you are told on CNBS or BBG? Of course not. Instead, just lies and deception in order to pump an agenda.

So what other lies can we find forced upon us simply by scrolling down ZeroHedge?

  • DeutscheBank failing to deliver physical gold to ETF sahreholders in Germany. DB promised they would deliver gold at any time. However, they are no longer delivering gold. Why? They lied.
  • Woody granted “secret exemptions” to the Iranians in his nuclear deal negotiations even though previously he has claimed that this idea was preposterous. And now we know…he lied.
  • Hillary’s approval rating plunges to record low. And why is she so utterly unlikable? Well, for a number of reasons, actually, but chief among them is her propensity to lie. We now know she’s lied about cattle futures, Whitewater, The Rose Law Firm billing records, Bill’s infidelity, her email server, Benghazi. You name it, she’s lied about it.
  • Central Bank liquidity is now driving all asset prices. But CNBS and BBG assure us that “the stock market” is the absolute best place for people pf all ages to place their money and it keep heading up because the economic fundamentals are so strong. No, equity markets keep rising because of said “central bank liquidity”. Again, more lies.
  • American worker productivity suffers biggest plunge since 1979 and 1993. Again, however, the Bankers and the media tell us that all is well. In fact, Goon Fischer stated earlier this week that the US was near full employment. How does that square with sharply falling productivity and manufacturing? The answer: it doesn’t. The fact: Goon Fischer simply lied.
  • Prosecutors in Italy want to discontinue their investigation into the corrupt and insolvent Monte Paschi bank for fear of “undermining investor confidence”. So now investor confidence is more important that The Truth and The Rule of Law. Just another reality in a world of lies.
  • Trump is going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. Well, let’s see…This wall idea has been kicked around for 20 years and it still hasn’t been built and, unless some crazy off-books measure is applied, there is no freaking way that Mexico is going to pay for it. So, how can Trump keep claiming that they will? It’s simple. He’s lying.
  • Europe reels as new wave of Syrian refugees flood ashore. And why are Syrian citizens suddenly fleeing their country? Because the US determined that Assad needed to go. The resulting civil war has killed and displaced millions. Why? We’re told it’s all because Assad is such a bad guy. While that, technically, is true, the media will never report the real reason why Ukraine and Syria have both become such disaster areas. Instead, they tell you that the war must go on and the flood of refugees continues. All of this based upon lies.

And that’s just the first page. I haven’t even touched other alternative or traditional media sites. And this is NOT an indictment of ZeroHedge. The Tylers do everything they can to expose the lies. This listing is simply meant to show the level of deception and lies across everything today. There is no truth and there is no honesty. Instead, there are lies, deception, obfuscation and misdirection…all of it done for political expediency and greed.

So now we wait for tomorrow’s lies. We are supposed to believe that just one day after the end of the month, some government bureaucrats are able to accurately count the number of jobs created in August. Please take a moment to think about the absurdity of that…

But yet, this lie of a “statistic” will be bandied about tomorrow as the single most important economic indicator every created will the goal of giving The Fed and its Bankers the cover necessary to raise their Fed Funds rate. Again, it’s all just One Big Lie but nobody cares…outside of TFMR, that is.

So, here we are. Gold is $1316 and silver is $18.82. The USDJPY and bonds are both down a little bit and the HUI has bounced a couple of points. Does it matter? No. All that matters is that Big Lie of 8:30 am tomorrow. Today is just a distraction and a sideshow.

Hang in there and keep the faith. NOTHING built upon a foundation of lies can exist forever and history is replete with examples of The Truth ultimately and always winning out. The same result is coming for all of us, too. In the meantime, all you can do is prepare for this eventuality…and try to keep your sanity.

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