Has Rigging Of The Gold Market (And Indeed All Financial Markets) Become Permanent?

Since it is the secret knowledge of the financial universe, gold has been dragged into the phoniest, most obscure, and most sinister market of all…

by Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA)

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Since it is the secret knowledge of the financial universe, gold has been dragged into the phoniest, most obscure, and most sinister market of all. GATA doesn’t claim to know everything that goes on with the monetary metal, but we do know that much is going on with gold in secret and nobody exposes these secrets as well as we do.

For example, just in the last few days GATA has brought you:

— A summary of developments in gold market manipulation in the last year:


— Dave Kranzler’s examination of the new Comex regulation that appears to have authorized creation of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of “paper gold” to help rescue the biggest short in the gold futures market, the investment bank HSBC:



— A comprehensive independent review of gold’s prospects that confirms extensive manipulation of the market:


— Robert Lambourne’s disclosure that the gold swaps of the Bank for International Settlements increased by 45 percent in October:


Nobody else delivers like this.

Now maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe the rigging of the gold market and indeed all financial markets has reached a state of relative permanence amid the growing totalitarianism of governments everywhere.

Certainly most monetary metals mining companies don’t care about this rigging. Most are happy to mine their shareholders as much as they mine their land claims. And mainstream financial news organization are to timid or corrupt to bring serious journalism to bear here.

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