Harvey Organ: Banking Boys Are in Real Trouble- Massive Derivatives Crisis Looms in Gold!

end badlyHarvey Organ joins the show this week for an EXPLOSIVE and MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets discussing: 

  • Massive US gold exports: NY Fed stealing sovereign nations gold- Harvey states ALL CUSTODIAL GOLD AT NY FED has now been shipped to China! 
  • GOFO Negative & silver backwardation with huge physical premiums in Shanghai- shortage looms
  • Death-blow to the dollar– Russia/China $400 B Gas deal a decade in the making is official
  • Eric Dubin explains how after years of rumors, COMEX default could come this summer!
  • Eric makes the case for a 50% upside move in silver coming in 6 months, while Harvey states that the cartel is nearly down to their last ounce of gold, & AN OVERNIGHT REVALUATION OF GOLD TO $4,000 WITH NO-BID SELLERS IS COMING IN 2014- PERHAPS AS EARLY AS JUNE!!

“The fun starts when the run on COMEX begins- $1.4 quadrillion in derivatives will burst in 2014 in a full-blown implosion! -H.O. 

The SD Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Guest Host Harvey Organ is below:


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Dealer’s Rules!  

(Credit:  William Bonsai7; http://wb7.hk)

Harvey isn’t pulling any punches.  He believes the powers that be are going to have a hard time continuing to keep a lid on the paper markets throughout this year.  Given continuing strong demand for physical precious metals, he believes an inability to meet demand and “default” will manifest in the physical market.  This will in turn force cash settlement on the Comex.

Of course, timing is always tricky and the cartel has certainly demonstrated resourcefulness and the ability to take evasive action.  But given that Indian gold demand will be ramping back up and the fact that exchange traded fund vaults and other sources of metal have already been raided, a repeat performance on the magnitude of the 2013 smack-down is highly unlikely, if not outright impossible.  Thus, the trading ranges gold and silver labor under will continue until such time as pressure in the physical market becomes too great.  There are a handful of scenarios the endgame can transverse, and we speak to some of these during the show.

We recorded this show Thursday evening.  While we don’t have the benefit of Friday’s trading action, odds are the week will close with the same capped trading range enforced.  But unlike a traditional slow summer period for precious metals, I continue to believe we’re going to blast to the upside at some point during the summer.

Ironically enough, even with Fed minutes released this week that hinted at a more hawkish tone on the timing of interest rate normalization (stop laughing!), the typical smash that sort of news normally would inspire went missing in action.  Sure, the cartel monkeys were unleashed once gold crossed $1,300 and silver threatened to cross $20.  But traction to the downside has once again proven very difficult for the cartel to generate.  Relative resilience in the face of a Fed minutes release week is a healthy sign.

Harvey has published commentary and analysis for many years.  If you’d like to check out his work on gold and silver, click here.

Finally, for you weekend listening pleasure, click here to pull up yet more from the Doc.  Jason Burack interviewed the Doc on the “Wall Street For Mainstreet” podcast.

Have a great weekend — Eric Dubin



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