Guest Post: Manipulation 101 – The Pithy Version

gun forcedThe goal of The Powers That Be is to keep the grassroots masses from reaching an “orientation” that values precious metals over paper dollars that are backed only by the “full faith and credit” of U.S. Government.
The potential rapid growth in the number of people who acquire gold and silver is THE THREAT to the “status quo.”
What we are seeing with manipulation tactics is the effort to forestall or ameliorate this threat.
Bold actions were required to slay PM sentiment and recurring actions are required to keep sentiment dead/awful.

Submitted by Bill Rice Jr. Managing Editor of The Montgomery (AL) Independent

A) Identify threat. Check.
B) Defeat threat. Check.
Congratulations, you have ensured that the status-quo system survives another day. Job well done. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Also: Bluff. Lie. Denigrate … Cross fingers. Hope. Pray …
For any MSM financial writers who may be reading this, that’s it. Manipulation Theory 101 – The Pithy Version.
That will be $21.35 (or, better yet, one American Silver Eagle coin please.)
Bill Rice, Jr. is managing editor of The Montgomery (AL) Independent. He can be reached by email at:[email protected]
P.S. $21.35 is what I just spent with SD Bullion for 40 Silver Eagles. Thanks for the awful sentiment and great prices, Mr. Manipulator.