Gregory Mannarino: Silver Remains The Most Undervalued Asset In The History Of The World

Greg says with all the central bank manipulations, there is not one thing that has a real price based on market forces, especially silver. Here’s the details…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Veteran trading coach Gregory Mannarino returns to Reluctant Preppers to update us on the latest deteriorating signals from the bond market that signal accelerating collapse of other markets. Mannarino draws the chilling historical parallels from today’s bonds signals to those that preceded the DotCom collapse and the collapse of 2008.

Nicknamed the “Robin Hood of Wall Street,” Mannarino exhorts the common person to unplug from mindless entertainment distractions, pay attention, absorb the free learning and expert insight available on his TradersChoice.Net site, and to use the markets as a defensive weapon to protect ourselves and our families from economic oppression by the financial elite.