Gregory Mannarino: Here’s Why Silver Is Bar None The Most Undervalued Asset In World History

Gregory says every financial asset must correct to fair value, so for gold, and especially for silver, that means major price increases. Here’s the details…

Gregory Mannarino of Trader’s Choice

Gregory takes some time away from all the recent market turmoil to discuss why gold, and especially silver, are the most undervalued assets on earth.

Gregory says he doesn’t normally take the time to discuss the price action in the precious metals, because the market is so heavily manipulated, but Gregory says with central banks around the world determined to devalue their currencies, gold and silver are going to shine.

Gregory suggests applying three basic principles to one’s actions, especially as it pertains to purchasing gold & silver:

  • Hold a hard asset (like gold & silver)
  • Become your own central bank
  • Bet against the debt

Gregory says that sooner or later everything is going to correct to fair value, and that includes a major rise in the prices of gold & silver.

Tune in to this timely interview in its entirety below: