Gregory Mannarino: Big Gold & Silver Moves As Trouble Comes To Bond Market

Mannarino doesn’t just think that our stacks pay out nicely, but now is the time to add to that stack. Big moves are in store for the bond market and the dollar, and this is what Greg says it means for the precious metals…

By Gregory Mannarino via Traders Choice

Gregory Mannarino says to watch the debt markets, gold, silver and the US dollar.

He says that the bond market is making huge moves. Greg says the sell-off is accelerating.

Mannarino says that as currency flees from the bond market, big moves are ahead.

The stock market may be gaining somewhat, because stocks are in “la-la land”, but that’s not the only place all of the currency is going.

The bond market funds will not be going into the US dollar, however.

When it comes to gold and silver, that stack is going to pay off nicely considering what Greg says about the precious metals.


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