Gold’s Moonshot And The Waiting Game – What You Need To Know

Gold will return to its glory as it always does, but how long do we have to wait for that to happen? Here’s some insight…

Patrick Donnelly interviewed by Josh Sigurdson on World Alternative media

Josh Sigurdson talks with geologist and independent director at Harvest Gold, Patrick Donnelly about the state of the gold markets. Patrick is also the Vice President of Corporate Communications and Development for Trilogy Metals Inc.
After seeing a massive rally between 2002 and 2012 in the price of gold, many have been wondering why we’ve been sitting still in a largely bearish market ever since. Market manipulation can take a lot of the blame, however it’s creating somewhat of a beach ball effect where major banks hold that beach ball under water as it gains pressure, we know how that ends.
Mr. Donnelly goes into the waiting game, how long he thinks we’ll be waiting to see gold return to glory as it always has historically and why we will see it bounce back. He talks about the scarcity in which gold appreciates so much value as demand skyrockets.
Patrick also goes into Harvest Gold, a company that is focused on the discovery of economic gold and silver ore and has operations in places like Mexico and Nevada with a team of incredibly experienced experts. Harvest Gold can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange as “HVG” and is considered a penny stock today.
With partnerships with big established names, Patrick believes the sky is the limit for penny stocks and makes it clear that the value of the company is not based on the price of gold. Though it’s risky, as Patrick says, it can be very lucrative.